Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Tox?

It’s a unique blend of Japanese ampuku (abdominal massage), European and Brazilian cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release techniques that helps remove metabolic waste (toxins) from the body. The basic session includes a 60 min massage and the use of the tox machine (an electronic cupping device) on the legs, abdominals, and derriere.

What should I wear during my De-Tox?

A bra and thong is best for your comfort and modesty.

What are the benefits of the De-Tox?

Because the lymphatic system is the primary way our bodies detoxify and is as important as the cardiovascular system to our overall health, the benefits are countless. Some of the most recognizable are less water retention and bloat, a decrease in pain and headaches, clearer mind and skin, strengthened immunity, increased circulation, improved mood, healthier cells and tissues, decreased inflammation, faster metabolism and improved energy.

What should I do before and after I De-Tox?

Drink lots of water! Hydration is the best way to prepare and support the body’s natural detoxification process enhanced by the De-Tox. Avoid eating a heavy meal 90 minutes before you De-Tox and avoid drinking water 30 minutes before you De-Tox to prevent discomfort during the treatment. Avoid processed foods and alcohol at least 12-24 hours after your treatment.

Is it normal to have a headache after the De-Tox?

Everyone’s experience is unique, but it is normal as the tox flushes out of your body to have a little headache, low-grade fever, and achiness. Drinking water, avoiding alcohol and processed foods will help keep discomfort to a minimum. The more often you De-Tox the less often you’ll feel any discomfort.

Is the De-Tox safe for everyone?

The De-Tox is a gentle method that enhances the body’s natural detoxification process and is safe for generally all healthy people. However, as with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. Please see our list of contraindicated conditions. Contact us with any questions and always consult your doctor first if you are unsure if the De-Tox is right for you.

How often should I De-Tox?

Everyone’s experience is unique, but we recommend bi-weekly for optimal results and maintenance.